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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Author: Satnam Singh 
Date:   09-15-05 12:05

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

Once again when all else fails we ask God in Her infinite wisdom.

satnam: God, you there?

God: i am always here, there guys just don't see.

satnam: does it matter? as long as we love you right?

God: it does not matter. Until you start "seeing" the "soul" reason for your being, until you connect with the truth inside you, you will love me all you want yet never truly love me at all?

satnam: but love is all that matters?!?!

God: really? since when?

satnam: that's what most people can do anything you want but if the heart is clean then love is all that matters...."truth" said it above, doesn't matter if one shaves, trims, cuts hair as long as there is love inside.

God: Hmm........did he say that?.....let's see.....let us put it into perspective.

satnam: go on

God: what is this thing you call love? do you believe that i made All of you perfect because of love? do you guys do things because of love? because you love me? because you love yourselves? if you guys did things because you loved me there would be no problems in this world, absolutely none, because you would be doing things I love.....for I am Love...that's why " jo toh perm khelan ka chao sir tar tali gali murh aaao"

satnam: so are you saying we do not love you?

God: If you loved me enough, did you never once question why I bestowed a perfect body for a perfect soul? Do you think I made a mistake when i made hair grow all over the body and grow longer on some parts of the body? There is always a reason for what i do. You had and will have no conscious choice on the kes (hair) on your body, I do it for you.

satnam: you mean there is a reason for this hair?

God : there is a reason for everything I do. Even what seems like chaos to humans is in perfect order. There is an order for everything, that is my hukam.

satnam: That's besides the point.....we were talking of love....

God: You may think it is besides the point but ultimately you cannot Love me unless you love everything, i repeat EVERYTHING about yourself. For I am you and you are can you love me when you show no love for yourself?
how can you love yourself when you desecrate parts of you that I cherish with love? You think you see a better person when you shave your beards or trim them, or pluck your eyebrows? I only see a person who is mocking Me, who is saying I made them imperfect. Thus they do these things not because they love themselves but because they see a fault in themselves.

satnam: wow! i never thought of it that way

God: There are greater truths than the truths you think you know. Love and God are one and the same thing.....but not the way the majority of you think of it. Love accepts Everything, love expects Nothing. If you don't love everything I give you how do you expect to get something? You yourselves deny yourselves and then blame it on me. Everyday you think you are not good looking or smart enough or attractive and go to great lengths to change that when All the time I see beauty in your souls. You guys do not want to think on a sole (soul) level.

satnam: clever ....

God: Because the soul sees beauty even when the mind denies it.

satnam: because the soul is that part of You which will never be destroyed.....hence it has to be.....perfect! beautiful!

God: yes, now you are getting i told you last time "mun tu jot saroop hai apna mul pachaan"

satnam: wow, this is wicked, innit????

God: ha, that was funny....i even enjoyed the moment when Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji said that at the camp!!! Wicked!!

satnam: God you like humour don't you?

God: well, I invented humour didn't I?

satnam: so to love You we gotta love everything about You?

God: There is no contract to love do not have to if you choose not to, but I tell you this, If you want to love Me start by loving yourself, completely without ego, wash the vessel of your body, keep it pure, do not intoxicate it, do not interfere with my Will, My right to give you hair.....then our game of love will start.....then you will begin to know not just love but the essence of True Love..

satnam: God, you never cease to amaze me......thank you!!

God: You All never cease to amaze me too.

satnam: I love you God

God: I love you too.


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