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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Author: Satnam Singh 
Date:   09-16-05 07:00

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

the question is : is the soul visible? let us ask........ok..let's ask God once again.

satnam: God, i know you are here, can you hear me?

God: Yes, you again! I am always here.

satnam: this soul thing, what is it? can i see it? is it visible?

God: the soul is that part of you which is Me. The soul can never be destroyed. This soul which is just like Me also has qualities like Me. Remember to be like God is not to be God. The sum of the parts can never be greater than the whole. Yet Each part has exactly the same properties as Me because the soul is Me. Then how come you cannot see me when I am Everywhere (Omnipresent)? Because I am Everything?

satnam: yeah, tell please

God: Think of Bhai Ghanaaiya......when he was aiding the fallen and wounded in battle regardless of their allegiances....who do you think he really saw?

satnam: soldiers...people.....souls........souls! he saw You in them!!!!!

God: that is correct. That is why he was indifferent to everyone

satnam: does that mean then that the soul is visible since bhai ghanaaiya ji saw the souls of eveyone?

God: yes and no!

satnam: you confuse me..yes and no?

God: my job is not to confuse anybody. It is very clear....let me explain. What you are now looking at with your eyes is not reality!! it is what you Think is reality because your mind tells you so, but Ultimately that is not your reality.
Your perception of reality does not go beyond the Mind because you have chosen to let your mind lead you. I told you before that I have no desires. What would I want that I cannot have? I have no needs. My game is to experience my creation...I do it through you, you souls, you souls that are Me. So, actually I am experiencing myself.

satnam: this is heavy stuff.

God: Think about can not know who you are unless you also know who you are not. You can not know how "good" you are unless there is a relative point of "badness". That is the importance of relativity, of relations, of sangat. If there was no "bad" sangat how would we know which was "good"?
Thus the check between The Ultimate Reality and your reality, or the relative point exists as the mind. Remember when I said " Aaee panthi saagal jamatee Mann jiteh jagjit"?? That mind, your mind is where your disillusion starts. That is the critical point where the soul and the mind gets confused about by the majority of people. The soul and the mind are not the same thing. It is because of the mind that you can choose to experience who you are and/but when you conquer your mind you begin to experience your soul.

satnam: wow! this is alot to take in one go

God: That is why I said yes and no. When you start seeing things from a soul level you will see souls....feels like I am repeating myself here......abit like Guru Nanak Dev ji trying to constantly hammer in....."naam jaapo"......but as long as you try seeing things with your mind, souls will never be seen.

satnam: how does one do that?

God: good question. I can not tell you something and then not make you able to achieve it, that would go against the grain, that is not in the nature of God. But I can tell you that only very few have experienced their soul.....for them it is like " gungeh ki mitiaai"....yet when they merge with Me that experience is Pure Bliss. So how does one do it?

satnam: yes how?

God: You can think of Me all you want but unless you Experience Me that will only remain a thought. Perhaps we shall dwell into this later as it needs attention to understand.

satnam: yeah, that sounds like a good Idea. thanks for telling me a little bit about the souls.

God: thank you for being there.


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