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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Author: Satnam Singh 
Date:   09-23-05 12:37

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

God does not put anyone in pain. What kind of God is this who will put others in pain and yet know the results of the outcome? Is this not a narcissistic God?
Why would God want to put any test on anyone when God already knows the outcome.....yes, yes you will say " it is God's play". It is rather absurd to say that God has put the people in Africa,for example, through tremendous pain so that they can be closer to God. I ask, nay beg you, if you have any children to put them through pain and see if that makes them closer to you. The reason these people turn to God is cos they have no one else to turn to. Try staying on an empty stomach with your children for weeks on end and tell me if you'll even remember God. Only very few do. Many people do things out of fear, not love. Instead of doing things cos we fear God, try loving instead and watch the subliminal change in your life.

God does not need to hurt anybody, not on any weak spot, no....nowhere. All our experiences are of our own making, it is the desire of the soul to experience any situation it wants to. The only difference is whether we are doing things consciously or not. Take smoking for example....the packets all say in large bold letters, SMOKING KILLS, and yet the very ones who read this everytime they buy a packet also smoke the very thing that is killing them. They are awake but unconscious.

Pain ji (can i call you that?) The reason you feel hurt is due to misplaced faith and trust. But it is ok to feel that way. Just don't hold on to that. The best way your soul communicates with you is through your feelings. It is very easy for us to say " naam jaap, eh gal nu pulja teh naam jaap". I quote from above that no one loves you except God. A God of love can not put you through pain. It is your past kaarm and your future choices that dictate your is through these choices that you are undergoing what you seem to percieve as hurt. Think of the shahidiyan of Gursikhs.......even what would be apparent to us as pain and hurt was relished by them as sweetness of the will of God. " tera kiya meeta lageh".

You have to realize that if that person did not do what they did then they wouldn't be themselves.....they'd be someone else or faking it or pretending. Perhaps that was a choice made by that person unconsciously. Through their action you now know who that person really is and thus you know yourself better. Thank God for the experience.....this may sound difficult especially in this situation, but to let go you have to accept and see clearly, consciously for what it is. What you resist persists, its a fact of life. And what becomes clear disappears.

Before even loving God, try loving yourself. When you truly do that, you'll be surprised that that God you tried loving was none other than inside you.

My two cents.....

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.


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