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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Author: Satnam Singh 
Date:   10-03-05 06:15

"why does good put us through this madness of pain and suffering? why does he let us get caught up in his 'game'? why is he even playing a game in the first place? why must we suffer in trying to be what he supposedly wants us to be? how is god so great like you people say he is?

i know its karam, but so what? why even give people the opportunity for mistake when he can stop it all at once? why let us go through it?

im losing faith. why must i go through all this bs from a past life, only to suffer for it now? why doestn he just MAKE us all good people, why play a game at our expense in the FIRST place????

how is this god so great if hes doing this?? this same characteristic would be looked DOWN upon if a normal human was doing it. you would call him inhumane for playing with peoples lives and emotions."

You have some good questions, h ji. I thought why not to ask God?

Satnam: Hey God, waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Ji!!!!

God: waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. It's been a while.

satnam: i know, i know, busy, commitments, life, things.....

God: I am glad you find life more interesting, you've got things to do. When you actively take part in life you involve Me, since I am life itself.

Satnam: there's a question on this post " whys He so great?" and h has asked a few you care to explain them?

God: there's nothing that you ask of me that is never answered. Don't just look for the answers as you'd expect them to be answered......because if you knew the answers then there'd be no need to ask, right?

Satnam: i guess that is so. why do you put us through suffering?

God: have i done so? is that what you think? let's think of a parent who let's their child go to school. When the is in school the parent will have no worries since the parent knows that the child is in an environment which is safe. Even if the child plays and gets hurt or bruised, the parent will know, the school will call the parent or when the child comes home and tells the parent, or the parent see's the child's body. In a similar way I have created this world and other universes which are self sufficient and will be able to cater for all your needs.

satnam: but why this madness of pain?

God: what you percieve as 'madness of pain' is all but from a physical mental aspect. In truth, nothing happens without a thought. That is the power of a thought. You have a concept, then you create it in your mind and then you experience your creation with your body. All that is happening to you is what you have chosen to experience. God can never interfere with your choices, only help you to implement them. A God who can interfere with your choices would not be a God who believes in complete freedom. Freedom is just that, Freedom.

satnam: so are you saying we are causing ourselves this pain?

God: do you think i enjoy seeing you people suffering? you think i get kicks out of seeing you in pain? I don't. But know also that what you think of as pain is nothing more than simply an experience that the soul chose. In the Realm of Truth, time and space do not exist. Everything is Now. Your default values as humans allow you to forget who you really are.....and you are simply you is Me experiencing Myself as Myself because I am All there is......there is nothing that I am Not......therefore I am everything and nothing at the same time. I am the 'space' that holds everything and the everything that holds the 'space'. That is the Divine Dichotomy.

satnam: where does this lead to?

God: You are that part of Me which thinks it is not Me because your mind and soul has simply chosen to forget who you are. To experience yourself is your main desire......and hence you experience me. Let us put it onto perspective. You cannot know what ' hot' is unless you know what 'cold' is. You cannot know what is 'bad' unless you know what 'good' is. You cannot know what 'joy' is unless you know what ' pain' is. You cannot know what 'experiencing' God is unless you know what 'missing' God is. For you to enjoy the experience of Me again and again, you have to know what it feels like to miss Me. That point where one becomes the other exists in your body......spiritually uplifted people will tell you what it is.

satnam: God, i have to go.....will chat later....

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 Re: whys he so great?
Author: Satnam Singh 
Date:   10-03-05 09:56


satnam: I'm back, you there God?

God: I am always here.

Satnam: You were saying that because we have chosen to forget you, we keep thinking we are in pain but when we try and constantly remember you we begin to have the experience of you again!?

God: in so many words, yes. But that in not entirely accurate......the point of your seperation from me is when your desires for the pleasures of the mind and body overwhelm the soul. Ultimately the soul desires to return to its original source which is Me and hence the process of re-incarnation. The soul continually goes through various experiences to try and remember who it really is ......but it knows all the time what it really is, ONLY your mind does not allow you to remember who you really are, which is Me, manifest in various ways.

satnam: heavy stuff!!

God: I have no need to 'play' games with your lives as such. My 'play' is to allow your soul to experience whatever it chooses to. I enjoy giving you the freedom to do whatever you want to do. That is why I give , give give all the time. " jo mangeh takhur apneh te soi soi deveh" . When you ask ' God i WANT a car and i WANT a big house and i WANT the best of everything, then that is exactly what i give you......the 'WANT' to have whatever you ask for and thus you are continually wanting......and hence i have fulfilled your requests.

satnam: you mean ......i get what you keep giving us what we it's about how and what we ask right?

God: Have you ever noticed that all my beloved never asked for anything? They always said they had enough. They had rid themselves of their desires for they knew they had all they want. To them this is not the reality.....what you see is not their reality.....their reality is ME......and they see Me in everything.
The mere fact of asking is a denial that you don't have. Yet how can God not have anything you ask for? What would be impossible for Me to do? have? Create? All my beloved never asked, they thanked Me because they knew that even before they had asked I had answered.......ha, like God doesn't know everything eh?

satnam: i'm beginning to understand....theirs was a prayer of thanks.

God: Exactly, for the experience, for their emotions,for everything. That is why they never lost faith in me because ultimately they would be reunited with me "joti jot milae jot ral javengeh". All your actions are based upon two primary emotions (emotions = energy in motion) and fear. I have given you the ability to choose which way you want to percieve Me. There is nothing else to DO. That is just the nature of life. You may do it in this life or the next or the next but ultimately you will merge with Me, since I am All there is.

satnam: so that explains karams then?

God: You will pick up bits and pieces in your 'journey' in life and in all lives you live. Some of this you will have to settle in this life and some in later lives. This is entirely the decision of your soul. I oversee the overall picture but I do not interfere with your souls decisions. But what you must remember is that " YOUR JOURNEY HAS ALREADY BEGUN!!!" It started way before the human life you have now. On this matter you have no other choice, your soul has already decided to begin this journey and that is why you are here asking me these questions. I'll tell you something more....

satnam: go on...i am excited....

God: Some of the people in your world have already known about Me and the way to experience Me......go ask them....they are my beloved amritdhari gursikhs!!!


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