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Friday, December 09, 2005

taking one's life

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,

I want to help, but how? what can i say? i turned to God once again

satnam: waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh babaji!!!!

God: waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

satnam: God, this brother needs help and what could we do to help him?

God: Is this the brother who tried to take his own life?

satnam: yes, and he's feeling everyone's turned their backs on him and he's bitter inside, keeps asking himself, why me why me???

God: He couldn't take his life even if he tried, not unless his true intention was to experience something else, another life.

satnam: what do you mean?

God: nothing happens that I have no knowledge about, nothing happens that is out of My control, nothing that this man would would have done to kill himself would happen unless the grand plan was also known to me. Do you think people commit suicide and that I don't know what goes on?

satnam: i'm sure you know everything.

God: When i know the soul has no more purpose for that body and the soul knows that too then it is time to leave. How do you define suicide anyway?
Does it have a time factor? Isn't someone who is smoking or taking alcohol committing suicide albeit slowly......surely what they are taking is killing them very slowly. What about that person who is on a machine to keep them alive- when their senses apart from speech all work but they cannot just tell you to please switch off the machine and let them die in peace, that their body aches to relieve itself of the excruciating pain. That they would rather die than be that suicide? You think I am not aware of all these things?

satnam: I'm not sure.....we had vichaar about this...

God: your definition of suicide is skewed. Even when it appears that a life has been taken, rest assured that no life can itself is's only the physical part, your body that departs from your soul......and not your soul from the body.....the focus is on the soul, the real you, the you that you can take with you. How can something end which has no beginning? I am life, and so are you. In the realm of truth only Life Is. Recognize that you are Me made manifest physically.

satnam: ok, this seems too deep but i'll try to keep up

God: I have told you before that there are primary thoughts and secondary thoughts. One is simply a branch of the other. A thought is an energy. When thought energy is in motion you call it 'e'motion.....that's what you can see physically on a person. These emotions normally stem from how and what you feel. For example, this person feels bitter and his emotion is one of sadness. These are the secondary emotions. The primary driving emotion always stems out of one of the or fear. In this case it is fear, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of not knowing, fear of the world. If this fear can be turned into love by simply changing the perspective then one is surely on the path of knowing who they really are, which is Me. You, All of you are Me.

satnam: is that so?

God: yes, you think you are individuals who are separate from Me because your mind tells you that.....and it rightly does that, I made it that way....but when you realize that your mind is also simply a tool for you to use ( at the moment the mind is using you) then you will have conquered the world. All My beloved have realized this.

satnam: so the point here is?

God: This person, and I hope he is reading this has to realize that to know Me his perspective has to change from fear to love. I am Love. I am all there is. Therefore love is all there is.

satnam: how does one do that??

God: Life is a cycle. It is this game of mine that cannot be told of, only experienced. What you think, you create- what you create, you become-what you become ,you express- what you express ,you experience- what you experience ,you are- what you are, you think. And the cycle completes.

satnam: therefore thought is a very powerful energy??

God: Correct. If you think positively you will create a better you. Your most positive thought will always be geared towards Love, which is Me. My dear person who has attempted suicide has to think positive thoughts. Thought energy has no boundaries, someone else's thoughts can influence your thought. That is why the sangat of gursikhs is very important. When all this energy is focused it coagulates and create's matter (E= MC2) That is why my gursikhs are able to do anything they focus on. Stay in their company and see the difference.

Satnam: you are not plugging sikhs here are you?

God: I am merely observing. In this day and age Gursikhs have clearly understood Me. Even beyond what they know they experience by merging their thoughts with Mine. Their's is a true way of life.

satnam: back to the suicide watch...

God: Ha some humour here eh? I cannot deny anyone anything they want. Wanting something, doing something and being something are three different things. It's the last that comes easily but is the hardest to be. How many people out there do you know who are "being" themselves?? everyone wants something, some are even trying to do something about it but who is 'being it'?? Can you 'be' yourself if you are 'dead'? That is not possible, because life is about being, not about doing. If you want to experience Me, be it. Who said it's wrong to be like God? Isn't that the ultimate Goal?? To be like God is not that same as being God, I have said this before.

satnam: ok i'm getting a hint here

God: This person cannot get rid of his body simply because his mind chooses to do so. If it were that easy who would need God?? I have given Gursikhs the tools by which to experience themselves as Me.....the Panj Pyare in the presence of My word, My bani Guru Granth Sahib. Have no fear. You think i don't already know what has happened or what you are going to do? I am here all the time.Just open your eyes and realize My presence. I am all you've got. Your soul has given you another chance to experience Me in this life. Take that opportunity.

Satnam: God, you are one heck of a cool dude!!!!

God: I am that I am.

satnam: thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you for being here.

God : thank you for hearing me out.

satnam: waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

God: waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

satnam: seems kinda funny you saying fateh

God: can't I say it?

satnam: No, please don't get me wrong, it just sounds cool coming from you!

God: I created that too.

satnam: Thanks God

God: thank you too.


  • interesting... (although probably not intended to make me laugh!) nice bit of aristotelian rhetoric there... (ok, so nothing serious to say, its way too early)

    By Blogger pavandeep, at 8:40 PM  

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